Leonardo Avezzano


“My purpose in life is to live fully, dancing with fear, trusting my instincts, experimenting all the time, and feel the adventurous that results while inspiring others to do the same. Constantly chasing the next big challenge pushing the boundaries of comfort zone” - Leonardo Avezzano


Leonardo Avezzano is an Adventure Photographer and Photo Journalist Explorer. He lives, breathes and takes active part in the variety of assignments and personal projects he undertakes. His expedition photography has led him around the world, from mountains to deserts, where Leonardo is most comfortable, and where he thrives as both an image maker and an explorer.

He focuses his visual storytelling on matters linked to nature and personal challenges to advocate Positive Change. 

With years of successful experience in business and marketing, Leonardo combines storytelling with business strategy, turning ideas in powerful content to engage with the audience and satisfy partner needs. 

He has embarked in Crossing the rainforest of Indonesian Borneo from West to East, Crossing Jordan from North to South (Best Travel 2018 National Geographic), trekked through the wilderness of Tierra del Fuego, Crossed Iceland from the Arctic Circle to the Atlantic Ocean (National Geographic Open Explorer), challenged by the biggest desert and glaciers in Europe, among many other adventures.

Leonardo is a member of The Full Framer and he got published by National Geographic and Amazon.



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