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It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop - Confucius


Everything started on January 15th 2007 . I was sitting in front of my future boss during the job interview. He asked "where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?" I've never thought about this so far... let me see... "where you are right now" was my bullish answer.

I got the job, I became a product marketing manager, quite faraway from being an advertiser, the reason why I've chosen marketing at university. I always loved stories, my grandfather's were my favorite. Common denominator of my homonym grandfather was the challenge, being always out of your comfort zone. The glue was the positive spirit of the story, even for the most dramatic event; there was always  space for a joke. The fuel of the story was the energy poured in it.

The stories I started to "write" were about products, cool but cold products; the objective was to give a soul and bring a story to the audience. And stories after stories I became the answer I gave 10 years before. The question now I had to answer was if I wanted a bigger job, in New York. More money, greater responsibilities, less time for my big passions: adventures and photography.

I recalled how I got those passions, the answer is from my parents. My father was a passionate photographer, bringing his camera everywhere, trying to capture the happy moments of the family. The first adventure I had was with my mother. We were hiking in Sud Tirol, I was 8 and I didn't want to follow the trail. When my parents where not watching I was running out of the trail, towards the big pines. All time I tried I was busted by my parents.

Till the moment my mother told me "ok, I will come with you". I was so happy that hugged her with a jump. So we started the out trail, saying bye to my father, my little brother and some other friends. I was leading, my mother following me. Once passed the pines, a big grassland, then an hill, another, another. The constant question was "ok, what's next", was pure curiosity which was driving me. Suddenly we are on the edge, and protruding myself out of the edge I saw some climbers coming up the ridge, with ropes and big smiles. In that moment I noticed the drop from the mountain, and then the valley, and then other mountains. I got woke up from my dream with my mother telling me worried "we're lost and I don't know how to get back, let's go". My mother took the lead and we started walking back, through the hills, then the green field, and then up to the hut, where finally we got back the trail an met the rest of the family. That was awesome, and the the start of the complicity I had with my mother. Two lessons: have fun but calculate your risks, the goal is always coming back home.

During my work I always travelled the world, having time for my adventures: Africa, Madagascar, Venezuela, Nepal, US, Jordan, Turkey, Japan, Myanmar, Iceland. I always spent at least 2 weeks into the wild with Mother Nature.  Now I had to decide if going to New York, fantastic city, but with no time for what I love.

So the day of my decision, I said no, and I gave my resignation with immediate effect. I sold all the stuff I don't need, I gave away personal items to people I care, I started to prepare a backpack with all I need. I decided to follow my dreams, combining adventure with photography, and be happy.

Now, I'm 37 years old, some people think I'm crazy, some think I'm too old, some wish me luck. I'm just someone who wants to explore myself and the world, taking amazing shots and sharing my stories.  

The BIG WALK has started, follow me.

  • Cross Borneo Trek West to East - 1400km - 2017 - with Andrea Giuliano

  • Jordan Trail North to South - 650km (recorded 734km) - 2/3 -14/4 2018 - with Ali Barqawi, Sunny A.M. Fitzgerald

  • Cross Iceland North to South - 630Km km - 19/06 - 18/07 2018 - Solo

  • Aconcagua climb - 7000mt - next December

  • Great Himalaya Super Trail - 1800Km - tbd - Solo

  • Ama Dablam climb - 7000mt - expedition team to be announced soon

I've just started, mountains are calling and I must go. Adventure is in your head, if it's there impossible is nothing.

Available to shoot your travel adventure or your photo assignment. Prints are also available for all the pictures in my gallery. DM for inquires.

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