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Leonardo Antonio Avezzano - Hooghuiistraat 1, 5611 Eindhoven, The Netherlands                                             +31 615 95 27 49 -


Leonardo Antonio Avezzano (Italy, 1981) is an unknown photographer who focus his attention on photography of happiness, travels and hiking.

But why I'm writing about myself as third person? Actually I don't have so much to mention about my photographer life, excepting showing my pictures.

Before becoming a photographer (don't know when I started) I had a very interesting professional life, that continues by the way.

I started my career in 2006 with a start-up called Radiophoria, one of the first podcast radio in the world and #10 in in the Podcast Radio Ranking in Itunes Italy. In the same year “podcast” was the first word searched on Google (not thanks to Radiophoria but sounds cool, isn't it?).

In 2007 I jumped in the magic world of Marketing, all the details are available on linkedin, but I suggest you focus on my photos instead.

Well, you can see that I've a lot of experience in photography, I don't know anything about it excepting the fact that I love it.

"There are always two people in every picture:  the photographer and the viewer. When both of them are happy means that in the moment of the shot, light was working to make somebody happy, and in that moment, at least, the world has been happy".

Leonardo Antonio Avezzano